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Welcome to the online home of TFarming Ltd, a contract farmer who you can always rely on to ensure that you can get a steady supply of the produce that you require. When it comes to regular supply of produce, it is key that you have a team who you can rely on who you are able to use for this kind of service, and there is no doubt that our team are ideal in this respect. We have gained a great deal of training and experience in the farming industry over the course of our years of working within it, and this means that we understand how best to make the most of the land we have available to produce excellent crops every time.

We can keep our soil in excellent condition, and have top quality equipment with GPS technology which means that the whole process from beginning to end is as good as it can possibly be. This gives us the confidence of knowing that all of the orders from our customers are going to be fulfilled to the absolute highest of standards every time, so simply give us a call if you would like to start making regular orders with our team.

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  • Contract Farmer Services
  • Plough to Plate
  • Market Specialist
  • Environmental Stewardship & Higher Level Schemes
  • Environmental Care
  • Soil Sampling
  • Bulk Purchasing & Specialist Agronomy
  • Crop Management
  • Incorporating John Deere Greenstar GPS2 Technology
  • Latest Equipment with GPS Technology
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Location: Upper Eddington Hungerford RG17 0HL

Phone: 07894 099734

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